About RLM Residential Services LLC

Technical Services

RLM Residential Services is a family owned Louisville, Kentucky company. The company was founded by Bob Matthews in January of 2000. Born and raised in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, Bob has over 30 years experience inspecting in the Home Building, Remodeling, and Framing Industry, serving the Louisville and Southern Indiana area. His experience extends into the areas of Internet Communications (website and e-commerce), Technical Service (PC support) and Weatherizing (Caulking). The success of RLM Residential Services can be attributed to our customers and contractors, continued education, our strong work ethic, our core family values, and our faith.

Bob’s degree is in Business and Computer Science. He applied this education in his many years experience in Residential Construction. Bob has a passion for quality, customer service, and respect for family and individuals. Bob is an encourager, and this trait has motivated him to pursue quality in the area of Home Inspections.

Please let us know of any questions you may have concerning the services offered at RLM Residential Services LLC.