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Quality construction from inception to completion has always been a priority in my business. My goal is to work together with my customers and provide to them a thorough, easy to read, interactive, and readily accessible, Home Inspection Report that will be a valuable aid in making an informative decision.

Let us share our experience and expertise and provide details that will help you make an informed and economical decision:

  • Inspect your home before you sell
  • Inspect your future home before you buy
  • Inspect your home before you begin a remodeling project
  • Inspect your new home or remodeling project in phases to insure quality

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You are welcome to walk alongside the inspector during the inspection process and please feel free to ask questions.

Purchasing A Home?

Would you want to find out as many details about one of the the largest purchases you would make in a lifetime? Hire a RLM Residential Services trained professional home inspector to help. Your Real Estate Agent will be able to guide you as to how to include this very important step when making an offer on the home. Your inspector will not be able to find everything but he will inform you of many areas of the home that will need maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Home inspections are almost always required by the buyer of a home as a condition of acceptance of purchase. If things are found in need of repair on the property – the buyer often asks the seller to pay the cost of the required repairs – unless the property is sold or presented as – as is.

General Exterior Considerations.

The home inspection will begin with an analysis of the structural integrity of the home to determine its condition. The foundation, sometimes mostly hidden due to the building structure of houses will be inspected directly or indirectly in an effort to identify whether there are any serious cracks appearing from areas you could not easily notice. Other exterior conditions of the home that can be included in the inspectors report are the external walls, grading, drainage, walkways, steps, decks, driveway, paint, and roof among other areas. A closer look with an experienced and unbiased eye is essential in ensuring that the home you wish to purchase is in good condition.

Foundation Crack and Leakage
Missing Railing
Missing siding at fireplace

Energy Efficiency.

Due to our economy, buyers are conscious of the ongoing expenses that can occur relating to energy loss. A home inspector will scrutinize the home’s fabrication with regard to insulation, and areas of potential energy loss, and provide a listing of areas of concern that could potentially cause excessive heating / air conditioning bills, and show you these areas that may be in need of improvement.

Lack of insulation, adequate ventilation, and vapor barrier in crawl space
Foam insulation in attic space
Formaldehyde Free insulation in crawl space

Interior Considerations.

Being aware of the interior condition of a home before buying it is just as essential as being aware of its exterior condition. Some of the interior factors and useful information our home inspector will provide include ventilation and air condition systems, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, fire safety, CO testing, and much more.

Rusted bolts, and floor soft due to water damage
Cover not on junction box, and exposed wiring
Water heater rusted; vent hood disconnected and indications of spillage

Selling Your Home?

If you are in the process of selling your home, naturally you would want to be able to sell a home that would bring the highest sales price. Your home may have hidden pitfalls that could affect the value of your home. To avoid this, it is recommended to use a RLM Residential Services home inspector who will point out, if any, defects within the home which you could not have personally identified. Inspectors will also verify the type and quality of material used in the construction of your home thus giving you an indication as to what its real value could be.

Choosing RLM Residential Services Home Inspection Services

For home buyers or sellers, choosing a competent or better home inspector is no easy task. Once it was as easy as requiring them to belong to a national inspector association like ASHI, CAHPI, InterNACHI, and others. Now many states require inspectors to be licensed and follow similar Standards of Practice. So, it is more difficult for the buyer or seller to choose an inspector based solely on the inspector’s affiliation. Your criteria for the inspector should not only be higher than belonging to an affiliation, it should enable you to work more efficiently with the inspection process, including after inspection discussions with the agent and the buyer or seller.

Custom Reporting

Our home inspectors will make every effort to expose the major concerns relating to your home, and your report will definitely guide you into making an informed decision on continuing the purchase, or the sale of your home. We hope you will take the step to contact us today and embrace our home inspection services!

At RLM Residential Services, we make every effort to provide convenient and secure service to all parties involved:

  • Inspection Report: Produce an inspection report with pictures in an easily readable format. This includes a Summary section with pictures for a quick glance.

  • Report Delivery: Your report will be delivered within a day!
  • Internet Ready Report: Provide the report securely on the internet so it can be viewed, printed or forwarded as a link fast and easily (not like a big, bulky and slow PDF attachment file).
  • Easy Report Forwarding: Provide easy forwarding for the agent (with the buyer’s permission) to the selling agent and/or seller.
  • Report Storage: Store the report for the buyer or seller and provide access to them from any computer with Internet access, anytime, anywhere.